Similar Chemicals, Different Functions

Chemistry matters, and it is all around us. We know this fact from the previous blogs, right? Currently, we think that one type of chemical might serve similar functions during chemical reactions. However, after reading two articles from Chemical Interest, I noticed that similar chemicals might serve different functions in different foods, and, surprisingly, even […]

Chemistry Matters

Last week, I attended a Chemistry Matters symposium, which was held by students in the CHE 131 lab. Each student gave a presentation relating to chemistry, and this symposium lasted ninety minutes. Ninety minutes was not a very long time, but it completely changed my mind about life. I did not realize that chemistry played […]

Why Is It Inappropriate to Label a Sunscreen as Chemical-Free?

The term chemical-free implies that the ingredients of a product are only from natural sources. People generally appreciate the term because they want to help the environment and live in a safe and healthy life. Countless consumer products are marketed as “chemical-free”, and manufacturers use the term in marketing broadly. However, the use of chemical […]